Does the prospect of an audit keep you awake at night? Is your hospital correctly coding for every emergency department and observation procedure? An outpatient coding and charge capture solution can help you maintain the rules and avoid coding deficiencies.

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McKesson Intelligent Coding™ helps optimize revenue and reduce compliance risk for:

  • Emergency department coding and charge capture, via the ED Facility module
  • Observation coding and charge capture, via the Observation module
  • Employed and affiliated emergency care physicians, via the Physician module

McKesson Intelligent Coding takes the guesswork out of coding by:

  • Determining appropriate coding using a rules engine and extensive algorithms
  • Consistently applying APC coding rules and procedures
  • Automatically determining the appropriate level of service (E&M level)
  • Calculating correct codes for drugs administered using advanced coding algorithms
  • Providing extensive reporting to improve quality and performance

The McKesson Intelligent Coding solution can help your organization:

  • Keep current with regulatory changes related to new coding requirements instituted by CMS and the CPT rules as published by the American Medical Association
  • Ensure compliance by calculating CPT codes for infusion and injection coding following current CPT hierarchy
  • Optimize revenue by ensuring compliant charge capture, which leads to more predictable reimbursement
  • Simplify complex coding hierarchies by applying all current CPT algorithms and bundling rules for surgical procedures
  • Analyze performance with quality indicators that identify incomplete documentation
  • Eliminate duplicative data entry by interfacing patient data from your ADT system
  • Speed reimbursement by interfacing codes to your billing system and providing charge status reconciliation for each visit