McKesson Point of Use Supply

Healthcare Point-of-Use Supply Chain Solution drives a healthy business.

Supplies are an important part of your budget, but not at the expense of patient care.

Your clinicians need a seamless way to stay focused on their patients while easily finding needed supplies and capturing their patient use. McKesson Point of Use Supply™ is a healthcare point of use solution that simplifies your day-to-day hospital supply chain management by automating critical supply functions such as supply requisitioning, patient charging, inventory management and information capture.

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With McKesson Point of Use Supply, you can reduce your supply spend, increase your charge capture, and ensure that the right supplies are always available at the point of use without burdening your clinical staff.


For many customers, the hospital point of use supply chain solution:

  • Reduces unofficial inventory by 30%
  • Improves charge capture by 20%
  • Reduces staff time by 15%
  • Integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology helps manage high cost supply items in specialty areas like cardiology and surgery
  • Expanded tracking for lot, serial and expiration date advances barcode support of both GS1-128 and HIBC codes and improved recall management
  • Integration with cardiology and surgery solutions McKesson Cardiology Inventory™ and the McKesson Surgical Manager™ Point-of-Use Integration Module streamline clinician workflow with a single scan to manage high-cost supply items
  • Customized hybrid configuration meets individual hospital’s unique workflow needs
    • RFID cabinet integration
    • Open Bin Shelving
    • Secured Closed Cabinet
  • Clinical integration helps to better manage cardiology and surgery departments
    • A single scan of supply items within the clinical case captures charges, charges the patient and decrements inventory, signaling reorders as needed
  • Reporting and Analytics
    • Enhanced Reporting with parameter drop down lists
    • More than 40 standard reports can be accessed and exported
    • Customized reports can be developed with data from the McKesson Point of Use Supply database
    • Aggregated analytics can be customized and displayed across all supply locations


McKesson Point of Use Supply can be applied in two different areas to support healthcare point of use supply management: Specialty Lab, and Medical-Surgical.

  • Ideal for specialty areas such as cardiac cath, angiography, radiology and GI labs, the Specialty Lab application helps staff manage high-cost supplies, track cases and access information within critical, procedure-based areas as well as just-in-time delivery tracking of high-cost consignment items by both the facility and its vendors.
  • The Medical Surgical application simplifies caregiver access to supplies. Users can easily transfer supplies between locations, find items stocked in other locations, and discover which items need to be replenished.
Our Customers Speak:

"We really know what is on our shelves, and we only have our re-orders set based in minimum and maximum numbers of what is on hand. We can now see what we are actually using and what it really costs to do a right cath compared to a peripheral cath."

—Marcia Deeb
CVIS Coordinator, The Washington Hospital


"At our year-end physical counts, we found that our actual inventory variance was less than 1% for most units, and less than 2% overall. It's unbelievable. We're very proud-it's a tribute to everyone who works with the system."

—Beverly Sanborn
Assistant Vice-President, Materials Management, Holy Name Medical Center
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