McKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing

Gain visibility into your entire hospital supply chain spend with the new McKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing solution and its virtual item master.

Mastering Your Healthcare Supply Chain Spend

Would you perform a procedure on a patient before validating eligibility for reimbursement? Of course you wouldn’t. Then why not follow this same validation for your supplies? The industry challenges today all start with data. By relying on your item master content as your source of truth, the right supply cannot be validated before purchase. Unfortunately an item master is only 70% accurate causing supply chain departments to spend time focusing on purchase dollars already spent. Further, hospital networks with disparate systems cannot keep up with the ongoing churn of item master information to maintain accuracy.

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Industry Trends & Challenges

Significant issues facing the healthcare supply chain – it all starts with data!

Strategic Supply Sourcing Industry Trends

The McKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing™ solution helps drive sustainable savings for Med-Surg supplies by enhancing item master content. Through better item master content, solution empowers users to make the right choice at the start of the procurement process. Real-time insights help monitor compliance to savings goals.

Find, Compare, Control

Three simple steps help your organization to guide your procurement and enforce your formulary rules:
  1. Find items in the item master to meet the specific need
  2. Compare functionality and pricing
  3. Control choices at the point of requisition

McKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing

Industry’s first formulary-based procurement solution with automatic functional equivalence identification to empower providers to secure the right product, at the right price…every time

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Organizations' supply spend data is normalized with industry data for a single source of uniform data. Health care systems can roll up information into a central virtual item master, yet allow each facility to retain its current naming conventions. The solution is agnostic - it works with any materials management information (MMIS) solution, not just the McKesson healthcare supply chain solution.

  • Structures content for functional equivalent comparison of products to drive standardization, value analysis and contract compliance
  • Directs users to the preferred product choice before they place the order requisition
  • Provides a systematic workflow to help ensure users find the right item at the right price…every time