The ability to track tissue and manage implants through each of these steps enables compliance with Joint Commission regulations and helps reduce costs.

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Tissue and Device Implant Management

McKesson Tissue Manager helps facilities enable compliance with recently expanded Joint Commission and FDA regulations concerning tissue tracking and device implant management. McKesson Tissue Manager helps surgery inventory technicians to document critical information required for compliance during each step in the tissue management process.


Using McKesson Tissue Manager may help you:
  • Create a reliable implant device and tissue tracking workflow process, aiding in data collection needed for Joint Commission audits
  • Reduce costs via the minimization and elimination of wasted inventory
  • Improve accuracy and automate documentation captured with barcode technology
  • McKesson Tissue Manager uses barcode technology to improve accuracy in documentation and help improve efficiency throughout the implant management workflow process.
  • Color-coded inventory screens, pop-up alerts and other tools within this inventory management software help identify soon-to-expire tissues and device implants. This inventory can then be returned to vendors/tissue banks, or used before expiration-eliminating inventory waste.