Transform Healthcare Information Management (HIM) with Hospital Document Management Software

As the U.S. government calls for the accelerated use of IT in healthcare as well as implementation of an electronic health record (EMR), finding the right partner to power your organization and ensure it runs more efficiently is critical. McKesson's hospital document management systems and healthcare document management software provide the power to transform healthcare information management (HIM) departments that are drowning in paper into new, efficient e-HIM environments with electronic medical records systems providing improved financial and clinical results.

  • Products

    • McKesson Patient Folder

      McKesson Patient Folder

      A hospital document management system not only improves departmental workflows but also serves as a tool to help healthcare organizations address regulatory requirements for coding and privacy

    • Horizon Business Folder

      McKesson Business Folder

      A hospital document management system that provides automation and business process optimization to help organizations manage patient accounting documentation

    • Horizon Enterprise Content Manager

      McKesson Enterprise Content Manager

      Store, integrate and add business logic to any document and file format

    • McKesson Patient Folder Release of Information

      McKesson Patient Folder Release of Information

      Release of information solution allowing healthcare providers to create, fulfill, bill for, track and report on all requests from a single location

    • McKesson Patient Folder Analytics

      McKesson Patient Folder Analytics

      Business intelligence tool providing a global dashboard of key operational metrics that CFOs and HIM management can use to improve productivity, eliminate bottlenecks and make strategic decisions

    • McKesson Patient Folder Mobile Deficiency Completion

      McKesson Patient Folder Mobile Deficiency Completion

      Get access to McKesson Patient Folder Mobile to complete signature and text-editable signature deficiencies with a new mobile document management app from McKesson

    • Imaging Link Engine

      Imaging Link Engine

      Electronically captures and allows document viewing from a host application's screens