Transform Content Access to Accelerate Operational Agility

Across your enterprise, the amount of unstructured, unmanaged content continues to pile up, stressing operational workflows almost to the breaking point. The increased demand of moving vital documents combined with potential loss, misfiles and recreations can drive the cost of operations to an all time high. To help provide a better way OneContent provides the first enterprise content management system designed exclusively for healthcare.

Content Marketplace
OneContent expands the ability to help optimize medical records document completion and archival by combining McKesson Patient Folder, McKesson Business Folder and McKesson Enterprise Content Management across the remainder of your enterprise within a single solution. A content marketplace connects content and users, and provides fundamental services for management your information.




Information Strategy
OneContent helps organizations move beyond disparate systems and consolidated content store methodology to provide information agility workflow technology. This technology helps enable your content to work for you, placing the right document at exactly the right location within your enterprise when you need it.