A Better Way to Manage and Share Non-DICOM Images and Clinical Documents Within the Enterprise and Across the Region

Just like you, many health care providers need access to patient-centric health information dispersed across multiple departments and facilities within the enterprise and across the region to see more of the patient’s longitudinal medical record. Naturally, ready access to clinical documents associated with various imaging disciplines ('ologies) that may operate in silo-like environments would help provide you with better context to the overall patient record.

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To meet this need, Conserus™ Clinical Data Exchange family of products enables you to manage and share non-DICOM images (and image-related documents) from all image-generating departments within the enterprise and across the region. Clinicians can then access available images and documents from a single interface, alongside radiology studies, regardless of where the patient originally received care.

Conserus Clinical Data Exchange facilitates ubiquitous access to published clinical documents, whether in the same facility or across the enterprise. As a standards-based family of products, Conserus Clinical Data Exchange can connect to any XDS/XDS-I enabled system, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to standards-based connectivity and communication to help users achieve enterprise storage, clinical distribution, and clinical workflow solutions.

Conserus Clinical Data Exchange Helps Organizations to:
  • Collaborate within an ACO model
  • Centralize non-DICOM documents
  • Improve continuity of patient care
  • Reduce or eliminate:
      • ­Portable media
      • Duplicate exams
      • Redundant radiation
      • Unnecessary patient transfers
Conserus Clinical Data Exchange Includes:
  • Standards-based infrastructure
  • Manage and share the patient’s images and related clinical documents, across one or more health care enterprises
  • Single view of patient images and related clinical documents
  • Turnkey approach to modular or enterprise deployment model
  • Remote system monitoring and evaluation

Create easy access to non-DICOM images for everyone in your facility or health system with Conserus Clinical Data Exchange, learn how by contacting us.