A Single, Universal Viewer that Brings Images and Reports Together for Easier Diagnosis and Collaboration

The frustration of trying to access fragmented information from siloed IT solutions is being challenged daily by health care professionals who are demanding a single image-viewing solution capable of displaying clinical content from any source, with relevant software tools.

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Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer and Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer Mobile, enable doctors to securely access diagnostic-grade medical images and reports from a wide variety of computers and mobile devices through HTML5/Flex clients, view these images with a sophisticated set of diagnostic software tools, and collaborate with other practitioners and diagnose from any location. This anytime, anywhere access helps improve clinician workflow by presenting images and reports on a single platform – no toggling between screens or logging into multiple systems to make a diagnosis or collaborate with other practitioners.

Whether you are a single facility or a large health care system with tens of thousands of users, these archive-neutral, multi-’ology’ universal viewers are designed to integrate into your current environment. It offers a solution for unrestricted, but secure, image access across multiple departments from web and mobile devices.

Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer and Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer Mobile Help Organizations:
  • Access medical images from any web-enabled device
  • Utilize advanced software tools for diagnosis from any location
  • Collaborate in real-time with other clinicians
  • Gain mobility with a secure, zero-footprint viewer through HTML5 or Flex client
  • Launch in context from EMR
Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer and Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer Mobile Include:
  • Support for multiple device platforms, browsers, and screen sizes
  • Multi-ology support
  • Can be used for diagnosis on images produced by the majority of modalities, with the exception of mammography
  • Support for multiple PACS and multi-vendor PACS environments
  • Secure architecture and server-side rendering to help protect patient data
Give clinicians the ability to view medical images and makes diagnoses on a single platform with Conserus Enterprise Viewer. Learn how by contacting us.