Help Improve Imaging Diagnosis With Clinical Data Integration

Obtain a more complete view of a patient’s longitudinal record within the context of the diagnostic imaging workflow using Conserus Imaging Fellow™. This context-sensitive solution aids diagnostic decision making at the point of care to help improve patient outcomes.

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Bringing Imaging and Clinical Data Together

Conserus Imaging Fellow is a web-based, zero footprint solution within the imaging cockpit that provides a context-sensitive view of the relevant clinical data from multiple information systems across the organization. Using this intuitive and customizable solution, you can display clinical data such as lab results, medications, problems lists, notes and pathology reports.

Find out how Conserus Imaging Fellow can help give your care team a clearer view for better health. Contact an expert today.

Conserus Imaging Fellow provides a customizable and contextual view of the relevant imaging and ancillary clinical data pertaining to each case. When integrated with EHR systems, Conserus Imaging Fellow can search for and display clinical data as configured including lab results, medications, problems lists, notes and pathology reports. The information is presented as widgets, expandable and collapsible panes and full or partial screens to clinical end users.

Conserus Imaging Fellow is designed with the configuration flexibility to accommodate changing clinical requirements at both the enterprise and facility levels.

Conserus Imaging Fellow connects images and relevant clinical data to help improve diagnosis for supporting better patient outcomes, all within the context of the existing imaging workflow.

Conserus Imaging Fellow Helps Organizations:
  • Optimize data selection and display for imaging users
  • Improve clinical data integration
  • View relevant ancillary clinical data in conjunction with imaging studies
  • Gather relevant patient data from other data sources (EHR, PACS) to present a longitudinal patient record
Conserus Imaging Fellow Includes:
  • Clinical data views in widgets, expandable/collapsible panes and full/partial screens
  • Integration with EHR systems
  • Vendor neutral design to support multiple imaging and clinical applications
  • Flexible configuration options