Ambulatory care applications to connect your physician community with your organization

Physicians and other clinicians often practice in hospitals and clinics that use disparate health care technology, workflows and procedures. These differences can sometimes lead to errors and decreased productivity when not properly integrated. Paragon® Ambulatory Care Practice Management can help alleviate these challenges by providing a comprehensive solution to extend the single database of Paragon beyond the inpatient setting and into the ambulatory care setting.

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By having a single system, single database and single data source, both the hospital and physician practices can rest assured they are viewing the most current patient information. Paragon Ambulatory Care Practice Management provides health care organizations with the same look, feel and intuitiveness of Paragon in their physician practices. The familiarity of Paragon to the users helps improve the user experience and reduce potential training time. Designed for hospital owned practices, the solution can scale from single physician practices to large ambulatory care organizations with hundreds of physicians.

Features within Paragon Practice Management such as centralized scheduling, billing and registration help you simplify workflow. Additionally, Paragon allows billers to view charge information for services from all facilities and care settings. This integration has the added benefit of providing your patients with a single combined statement that includes services from acute care and ambulatory settings

The Paragon® Ambulatory Care Practice Management module includes:
  • Single registration screen across hospital, practice and clinic
  • Centralized billing across enterprise from one location in the system
  • Ability to schedule lab and radiology orders from a physician practice or clinic to a hospital
  • Single patient record for registering and billing patients
  • Enterprise scheduling across acute-care and ambulatory settings
  • Patient education
  • Health maintenance support
Paragon® Ambulatory Care Practice Management module helps organizations:
  • Reduce maintenance overhead managing disparate systems
  • Provide an improved user experience as module is built in Paragon, reduce potential user training time
  • Reduce the cost and hassle associated with paper/faxed lab and radiology results between the physician practice and the hospital
  • Improve physician and provider workflow
  • Save time by reducing the need to rekey data from the hospital or clinic