Ancillary Department Applications to Optimize Supporting Teams

Paragon has powerful, easy-to-use ancillary applications to address the unique needs of individual departments across your entire organization. These applications are built natively in the Paragon single database and will help ensure your entire organization, from the laboratory to the pharmacy and everything in between, is operating efficiently.

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Paragon applications to assist ancillary departments include:
  • Pharmacy Management
    Combines patient demographic and clinical information with specific drug information to help manage drug therapy
  • Operating Room Management
    Provides OR and resource scheduling, real-time perioperative charting at the point of care; helps users manage surgical supply inventory; captures charges and provides robust reporting
  • Emergency Department Information System
    Provides Emergency Department documentation for physicians, nurses and mid-level providers, while also supplying tracking board, registration, triage and reporting capabilities
  • Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation
    Allows users to utilize the CMS standard Patient Assessment Instrument in a clinical setting and for the calculation of RIC codes
  • Radiology Management
    Enables hospitals to manage and report on all radiology procedures performed within their organizations
  • Laboratory Management
    Helps manage workflow and automate test reporting and quality assurance information
  • Mobile Specimen Collection
    Helps improve accuracy and productivity through the use of handheld barcode technology to identify patients and collect specimens at the bedside
  • Microbiology
    Helps manage the specialized department workflow in a paperless environment