Clinical applications designed by clinicians for clinicians

Who better to design and develop an EHR for use by clinicians than actual experienced clinicians? To help your organization focus ahead, Paragon supports your entire care team with one, simple system that includes an intuitive user experience and tools that your clinicians need to help deliver the best patient care. Designed by physicians, nurses, pharmacists and mid level providers that have a first-hand understanding of clinical workflow needs, Paragon clinical applications allow your caregivers to focus on what matters most; spending time caring for patients. Since Paragon is fully-integrated across all applications and built around a single patient database, information entered anywhere in the system is immediately available to the entire care team. Immediate access not only helps clinicians make better treatment decisions – it also helps promote patient safety. Paragon offers a broad suite of multidisciplinary clinical software solutions together with anytime, anywhere access to the complete patient record.

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Paragon user-friendly applications for clinicians include:

  • Clinician Hub
    Web-based information presentation and workflow management solution that allows clinicians to view clinical and administrative information, document care, and place orders for patients
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
    Integrated, physician-friendly solution providing direct order management and clinical decision support
  • Clinician Mobile
    Provides clinicians with fast, efficient and secure mobile access to patient-specific clinical information
  • Physician Documentation
    Integrated solution that supports care communication and charge capture via the physician’s natural workflow
  • Medication Reconciliation
    Integrated solution to review medications, communicate changes and place orders
  • Clinical Assessment
    Enables caregivers to collect and evaluate patient assessments, vitals and I&O as well as automating flow sheets and therapy assessments
  • Care Plans
    Automates the workflow for the patient care planning process and helps reduce the time required to create and document patient care interventions
  • Order Management
    Facilitates order entry, charge capture, patient profile information and order interactions for all patient types
  • Medication Administration
    Offers a point-of-care solution that helps support medication safety while systematically documenting the administration process
  • Clinical Data Interface
    Helps increase efficiency of clinical staff and helps reduce errors by importing discrete physiologic data from third-party devices, such as bedside monitors or ventilators