Financial Applications Designed to Help Your Organization Thrive as Health Care Reform Unfolds

With constant industry changes such as the shift to value based care, increased regulations, and consumer-driven health care plans, you need a strong health care partner with a 360° perspective. Having the right applications for the financial side of your organization's operations is more critical than ever. The comprehensive Paragon financial portfolio includes business office and administration applications that are designed to help enhance revenue capture. Paragon also helps to improve the quality and efficiency of information management across the revenue cycle by helping to reduce the cost of billing and collection through automated processes. Since all clinical, ancillary and financial applications are fully-integrated throughout the Paragon suite, all aspects of the care delivery and business management processes for your organization are streamlined to help you manage your core operations more effectively for better health of your business.

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Award-winning business, administration and hospital financial applications include:

Business Office and Administration
  • Patient Management
    Offers a complete patient accounting application, including billing and collection that can interface with ambulatory EMRs and centralized collections
  • General Ledger
    Provides inquiry, audit trails and automated entries to help organizations analyze current performance and project future trends
  • Accounts Payable
    Provides management of multiple discount rates, minimum dollar order limits and payment cycles
  • Materials Management
    Improves control over inventory management with tracking and comprehensive reporting
  • Payroll
    Helps improve control over inventory management with tracking and comprehensive reporting
  • Patient Supply Charging
    Helps reduce revenue loss from undocumented patient supplies and improve inventory management
  • Fixed Assets
    Helps manage the organization's physical plant and equipment and forecasts future depreciation assets
  • WebStation for Executives
    Provides a personalized gateway and decision support tool to a broad array of enterprise-wide information
  • Automated Daily System Close
    Enables unattended backup and nighttime operation
Patient Access
  • Referrals and Authorizations
    Allows users to enter and track data regarding referrals for services and authorizations
  • Resource Scheduling
    Allows users to better manage and control resources through coordinated scheduling of patients for clinics, procedures or exams
  • Registration
    Provides access to patient admission, registration and discharge information across episodes of care
Health Information Management
  • Medical Records
    Offers an intuitive, cost-effective process for maintaining and updating medical records
  • Medical Records Transcription
    Automates the transcription process and decreases completion time
  • Utilization Review
    Automates proactive inpatient case management from admission through discharge to help reduce loss from unpaid patient days
  • Release of Information
    Helps the Health Information Management department track the release of patient health information data