Quick and efficient mobile access to patient-specific clinical information

Today’s clinicians are constantly looking for ways to increase their efficiency. Time away from the hospital or office can still be productive time if they have the right information at hand. A recent study¹ projects that 89% of U.S. physicians will use a smartphone and 80% will use a tablet during clinical workflow in 2015. Additionally, 73% of clinicians reported that mobile devices enable faster, more flexible workflow.

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Providers are clearly eager to use mobile devices to extend their reach beyond the nursing unit or clinic. What if you could have a solution to help provide rapid access to clinical data anytime, anywhere? With McKesson, you can.

The Paragon Clinician Mobile™ application provides clinicians with access to patient-specific information from a variety of mobile devices. Untethered to a PC, your clinicians can conduct more efficient rounding and be apprised of incoming information about their patients. Our mobile application can provide your clinicians with the information that they need to make an informed clinical decision and to deliver the best care even when they’re not at the patient’s bedside. Better access and flexibility – helping to improve workflow for better care for patients and better health of your business.

Designed with your devices in mind

Available for download from the Apple® iTunes® App Store, Google™ Play, and the Windows® Store, the app is a companion to the desktop suite of applications. A multi-touch interface provides a nimble and intuitive way to identify and review patient details. Paragon Clinician Mobile offers the high level of performance and the consistent user interface conventions (taps, swipes, etc.) that can be attained only with an application that’s crafted specifically for the device. The tablet app includes native Apple iPad interactions and Microsoft capabilities powered by 4th generation Intel Core processor delivering blazing-fast performance. In addition, the smartphone platforms include features that are unique to a phone such as the ability to search a staff directory and tap and dial a phone number.

Paragon Clinician Mobile includes:

  • Patient Overview: vital signs, intake & output, results, orders, meds & IVs
  • Vital Signs: graphically and in table format
  • Intake & Output Summary: time periods of 24 hours, current shift and since admission
  • Results: critical and non-critical for laboratory, microbiology, diagnostic images, cardiology and more
  • Orders: details on patient orders grouped by active, on hold and recently ended
  • Meds & IVs: active and discontinued medications by STAT, routine, PRN and IV solutions
  • Patient Profile: demographic, longitudinal and care assignment information
  • Care Assignments: caregivers who are associated with a patient visit

¹Epocrates, Inc. “2014 Mobile Trends Report”