Paragon - Inpatient EHR System

Improve care coordination and outcomes across health care settings with McKesson's interoperable EHR system for hospitals and health systems.

Thinking About a Comprehensive EHR Solution? Think Paragon.

A fully integrated clinical and financial system designed for hospitals and health systems of all sizes

Our aim and passion is to help you chart a clear and achievable path as health care transforms toward value-based care. We call this journey “experience-driven health care.” Navigating through a challenging health care environment is difficult enough without your electronic health care record (EHR) adding to the complexity. Enter Paragon®—a complete inpatient EHR solution designed for the environment of today with the adaptability to accommodate the challenges of the future. Paragon is the proven, smart choice for hospitals and health systems of any size. A successful track record of enabling organizations to provide better patient care while staying current with the complex and changing regulatory environment means Paragon is ready to be your new EHR, too.

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Paragon brings you these advantages:
  • Helps reduce system complexity and lowered cost of ownership: Designed around a technology platform that helps reduce system operational complexity via a fully integrated clinical and financial system, a modern, non-proprietary operating platform and a Microsoft® SQL server platform.
  • Easy-to-use, comprehensive software applications: Paragon offers a broad suite of clinical and financial applications with anytime, anywhere access via the web.
  • Single vendor for all your clinical and financial needs: With Paragon, we provide hospitals and health systems a unique advantage—a single vendor partnership for all of your clinical and financial operations to help you navigate the health care landscape while efficiently maximizing the clinical and financial performance of your organization both today and tomorrow.
  • Microsoft® technology and architecture throughout: By using a single, fully-normalized Microsoft® SQL database as its core architecture, Paragon simplifies data management.
  • Strength and commitment of McKesson as your health care partner: McKesson provides strength, stability and resources unmatched in the health care industry. Our Better Health 2020™ initiative leverages our knowledge and experience across every aspect of health care to help you use IT more strategically for better connectivity, better business health and provide better patient care as health care reform unfolds.

Paragon Community Plus: Tailored EHR Solution for Community Hospitals

Paragon Community Plus provides a comprehensive solution from software to post go-live support and training to help ensure the long term success of the your new EHR solution. McKesson understands that with the rapid evolution of health care IT, time is of the essence. With a streamlined methodology and condensed timeline, you can access the same intuitive, Windows®-based, user-friendly bundled EHR solution plus implementation, remote hosting and post go-live services scaled to help meet the demands of smaller hospitals.

McKesson is committed to bringing health care together, helping your organization run better and helping you deliver better care. That’s why a McKesson representative will work with you to define the solution that best meets your needs and budget requirements.

2014 Drummond Certified EHR Inpatient

This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

Product: Paragon®; Vendor Name: McKesson; Version: 13; Date Certified: 5/7/2015; Drummond Group Inc. Certification ID Number: 05072015-1817-8; Modules Tested: 170.314(a)(1‐17), (b)(1‐7), (c)(1‐3), (d)(1‐9), (e)(1), (f)(1‐4), (g)(2‐4); Clinical Quality Measures tested: CMS9v2, CMS26v1, CMS30v3, CMS31v2, CMS32v3, CMS53v2, CMS55v2, CMS60v2, CMS71v3, CMS72v2, CMS73v2, CMS91v3, CMS100v2, CMS102v2, CMS104v2, CMS105v2, CMS107v2, CMS108v2, CMS109v2, CMS110v2, CMS111v2, CMS113v2, CMS114v2, CMS171v3, CMS172v3, CMS178v3, CMS185v2, CMS188v3, CMS190v2;Additional Software Required: None

Costs & Limitations: Paragon® with McKesson Quality eMeasures™ 2014 Editions of Certified Software include all certified capabilities, software, setup, configuration and education as part of the initial Paragon implementation and requires the signing of a contract to license. Implementations of certified capabilities following initial implementation requires additional products and services as follows:

  • Flat one-time implementation fee for assistance with general application build and testing for certified capabilities, workflows and content mapping
  • Flat one-time training and implementation fee per organization for Paragon Connect to setup, configure, brand and production enable the McKesson Patient Portal for patient online access to their health information
  • Flat one-time implementation fee for each Public Health Interface to submit data electronically to public health agencies. Fee varies depending on the extent to which the public health agency uses standard interfaces.
  • Flat one-time training and implementation fee for the setup and configuration for clinical quality measure data receipt, measure calculations, scorecard testing and electronic submissions
  • Annual operating expense-based maintenance fee for ongoing use of clinical quality measure functionality
  • One-time flat fee software license and annual maintenance for the licensing of Microsoft® BizTalk® 2013 leveraged by the Paragon Rules Engine for the enablement of customer selected rules for Clinical Decision Support capabilities
  • Flat yearly subscription for use of Paragon Direct® for the first facility with incremental add on for additional facilities to enable Direct Messaging capabilities
  • Flat one-time license fee and yearly maintenance fee based on bed size for access to InfoButton enabled patient education modules using Truven CareNotes
  • Paragon Direct® messaging functionality requires the use of RelayHealth HISP

There are no other contractual or practical/technical limitations

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