Drive Successful Process Improvements with Healthcare Benchmarks for the Emergency Department

The ED Benchmarks Collaborative™ is a subscription service providing health care benchmarks to the emergency department. This Web-based offering gives you access to a dashboard providing monthly trended outcomes on key performance indicators (KPI) for throughput, productivity and quality.

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The ED Benchmarks Collaborative is a vendor-neutral healthcare business intelligence tool empowering you to gain insight into your emergency department operations and identify opportunities to improve performance in your ED. With this information at your fingertips, you are empowered with the business intelligence you need to make true comparative data analysis to drive evidence-based decisions.

Get the information you need on a monthly basis, including:
  • Patient throughput and length of stay data
  • Nursing and provider productivity
  • Patient population characteristics and analysis


The ED Benchmarks Collaborative will help you:
  • Analyze your data and benchmark against other like facilities
  • Empower your ED directors and managers with the business intelligence to make meaningful, fact-based decisions regarding performance and improvement opportunities
  • Partner with McKesson's experienced business advisors to support your overall performance management strategies
  • Network with a growing community of subscribers to share best practices
  • Minimize the cost of collecting and analyzing throughput and capacity metrics