Align and Adapt to Changing Needs

As the healthcare industry continues to undergo significant changes, healthcare providers need new ways to help improve operational performance, maintain compliance, and ensure patient safety and profitability. New technologies and new ways of thinking are essential to delivering better healthcare outcomes. To help you respond and thrive, McKesson Managed Services provide an approach to dynamic IT that will help to strategically align, leverage and accelerate your business and IT services.

Enabling a Dynamic IT Organization

McKesson Managed Services help optimize IT infrastructure, ensure better utilization of applications, and support the technology and productivity demands of the modern workplace. A robust set of foundational healthcare IT solutions support these three key areas to improve the efficiency of your IT service management teams and helps eliminate gaps and bottlenecks to providing higher service levels. Critical to becoming a dynamic IT organization is the McKesson Dynamic Healthcare Index, which supports the business and IT with much needed measurements, benchmarks and recommended practices for better business and patient health.

McKesson’s Dynamic IT Approach

Where does IT fit into the changing landscape of healthcare for your hospital? McKesson’s Dynamic IT approach helps you position IT as a strategic asset and elevate the overall value of IT at your hospital.