Seek Continuous Improvement

To make a dynamic IT approach a reality, IT organizations must measure success, apply recommended practices and take focused action to achieve incremental innovation and continuous improvement. 

The McKesson Dynamic Health Index embodies the measurements, benchmarks and best practices needed to help organizations:
  • Identify practical, prioritized improvement opportunities against limited resources and time pressures
  • Keep abreast of industry and technology trends, and how they apply to improving the current situation
  • Gain an outsiders perspective to identify and drive technology change initiatives

Achieve Continuous Improvement

The first step toward achieving continuous improvement is to partner with McKesson experienced IT professionals. Based on your unique needs and future objectives, your dedicated team will help implement the measurements, benchmarks and recommended practices needed to reach your goals. The Dynamic Health Index combines a customized, consultative approach with comprehensive dashboards and reporting tools to help transform information into actionable insights. The result? The freedom to help focus resources, align business and IT objectives, and rapidly improve business and patient health.

The benefits of the Dynamic Health Index include:
  • Business and IT Alignment: IT aligned to support business strategy, process and regulatory requirements
  • System Performance: Enhanced system performance, including infrastructure and application performance
  • Financial Optimization: Improved financial IT cost performance, strategically spending on capital vs. operating expenses
  • IT Service Model Optimization: Optimized service model, leveraging the right IT model for right IT value