eLearning for ParagonMcKesson eLearning Services for Paragon® provide affordable, hospital-specific workflow education in the form of micro-learning modules delivered in a modern learning platform. This self-paced learning solution helps to meet the needs of your on-the-go clinicians by providing anytime, anywhere access to education materials that can be consumed in quick intervals between patient visits or during breaks. With the ability for clinicians to review Paragon education materials when and where they need and want it, hospitals may be able to increase clinician satisfaction and improve productivity while helping to alleviate IT staff from providing roaming Paragon workflow support.

The Advantage of eLearning Services for Paragon

For more than 30 years, the nation’s leading healthcare providers have turned to McKesson for technology, service and support that empower operations. Our eLearning Services for Paragon help increase adoption, productivity and satisfaction for one of the most important stakeholder groups in your success: clinicians.