McKesson’s Managed Mobile Services is a suite of real-time mobile device and application management tools that give IT personnel scalable, single-point administration of deployed mobile devices.

Managed Mobile Services helps you simplify device and application management, secure staff and clinician devices, and safeguard application integrity and sensitive data on personal and corporate smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. With McKesson’s mobile device management strategy, you can enable employees’ preferred personal devices within your private corporate network while maintaining security.

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Choose from two affordable, subscription-based service plans offering either standard device-level administration or advanced services for more granular management of mobile devices and applications.

Standard Package

Gain basic tools to manage your registered mobile devices with confidence at the device level. Organize groups, authenticate users, enroll devices, establish profiles and enforce your mobile security policies using a real-time dashboard.

Advanced Package

For more granular capabilities, our advanced package takes mobile device management to the application level. Add application wrapping and risk ranking, plus a secure content container, email gateway, and secure browser to the standard package. Application to application isolation stores data in secure containers, while administrators gain control over users’ app installation and device rights. In addition to installing, updating and removing apps over the air, administrators can track activity by device and user.

Managed Mobile Services help health care organizations:
  • Secure sensitive data on mobile devices
  • Manage multiple makes of mobile devices from one console
  • Maintain secure connections to corporate email and file shares over Wi-Fi networks
  • Promote collaboration and increase end-user productivity
  • Implement a bring-your-own-device policy
  • Reduce capital investments in corporate-owned devices

The Advantage of Managed Mobile Services

Next-generation services such as Managed Mobile Services are why the nation’s leading health care providers have turned to McKesson for technology, services and support that help empower operations. We help your health care organization achieve a true mobile strategy that addresses the unique daily challenges and opportunities of mobile environments.