Ready to deploy training that enhances end user adoption

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McKesson’s Paragon End User Education Services eliminate the demands of creating and implementing a training program by providing your health care team with comprehensive, ready-to-deploy resources. Our highly effective materials and trained instructors are readily available so there’s no need to take on the high intensity, short-term demands of developing your own McKesson Paragon training program. What’s more, our trainers pair application expertise with real-world hospital operations and workflow experience.

Speed adoption of Paragon implementations, upgrades and module add-ons by:
  • Implementing an effective McKesson Paragon training program for stakeholders
  • Utilizing our comprehensive, customizable training curriculum
  • Selecting from a range of unique delivery methods
  • Learning from qualified, experienced instructors
  • Removing burdensome program development and implementation

The Advantage of End User Education Services

For more than 30 years, the nation’s leading health care providers have turned to McKesson for technology, service and support that empower operations. Our End User Education services optimize application use within organizations to deliver faster adoption, a smoother transition, and less frustration among one of the most important stakeholder groups in your success: technology end users.