Supporting New Ways of Working

Dramatic changes in the health care workplace are being driven by evolving business, people and technology requirements. Patients are demanding greater levels of care and engagement; clinicians are seeking a better workplace experience; and all expect to operate in today's mobile-first world.

For IT, the array of new workplace technologies can be overwhelming. Organizations are challenged to shape, implement, manage and support initiatives from automating new and existing workflows to enabling mobile productivity and bring your own technology programs.

Typical workplace challenges include:
  • Addressing mobile security concerns for protected health information
  • Defining and supporting unique groups of device policies while protecting employee privacy rights
  • Shaping, implementing and managing “bring your own” technology and mobile programs

Balancing Protection and Productivity

After understanding your unique workplace and security needs, McKesson Workplace Services recommend and implement ideal solutions for achieving organizational objectives and improving workplace productivity. McKesson certified professionals can help seamlessly integrate mobile capabilities into multiple systems and services to help improve user satisfaction and IT performance.

McKesson can help your organization realize the benefits of a dynamic approach to workplace services, including:
  • Privacy Compliance: Protecting hospital and patient information, while providing full access to data
  • Essential Security: Ensuring hospital safety and security with enhanced solutions such as remote wipe, containerization and locked content
  • Mobile Content: Simplifying the ability to publish and control mobile applications on a variety of devices
  • Operational Efficiency: Improving IT efficiency with mobile device and application management tool
  • Increased Productivity: Modernizing your workplace with collaboration and productivity tools that helps accelerate results