The electronic sharing of clinical information aims to help enhance collaboration, help improve productivity, support your efforts to reduce patient treatment risks and limit unnecessary costs. It also helps add to the overall patient experience by providing communication tools with care providers.

The McKesson Home Health Connect™ and McKesson Hospice Connect™ solutions integrate the McKesson Homecare™ and McKesson Hospice™ solutions with the RelayHealth® RelayClinical™ platform that supports the secure exchange of key clinical information in the form of a Continuity of Care Document (CCD).

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Your agency can send CCDs on a web-based platform from McKesson Homecare or McKesson Hospice. CCDs are a “snapshot in time” of the patient’s medications, allergies, problems, vital signs, demographic information and discharge summary. The Connect solutions can receive information from CCDs created by other systems into McKesson Homecare and McKesson Hospice, making it available to clinicians at the point of care.

We offer two methods of sharing patient clinical information: through a Health Information Exchange (HIE) or through secure direct messaging to another provider.

Join a health information exchange

Our solution allows your agency to share CCDs with private, regional or state health information exchanges (HIEs), or you can use the RelayClinical platform as your health system’s private HIE. This central repository also provides privacy and auditing protections that track users who have accessed patient records.

In addition to CCD exchange, Connect provides HL7® ADT messaging to help keep demographic information and identifiers in sync.

Several options are available for connecting your agency with an HIE. Which option you choose will depend upon what you’d like to accomplish with the HIE(s) you are working with.

Send secure email with direct messaging

The direct messaging functionality in Connect lets you email patient information and documents directly to other providers via a HIPPA-compliant method. The user interface reflects familiar email capabilities, making it easy to learn and use. Direct messaging enables home health and hospice agencies to help contribute to hospital and physician offices achieving their Meaningful Use Phase 2 10% TOC criteria. State grant money also may be available to agencies implementing direct messaging.

Because participation in a health information exchange for home care agencies is not necessary to send and receive CCDs, direct messaging helps create a better way to communicate with physicians who are not connected to an HIE. Other uses may include the secure exchange of lab results, wound images, referral information and discharge information from a hospital, and medications from a pharmacy. Securely sending these records electronically helps reduce expenses associated with couriers or faxing patient information. Agencies also can use direct messaging to securely email other staff members within their own agency.

Exchange data with thousands of providers

Home Health Connect is a CommonWell-enabled product, which gives you access to a patient’s complete clinical information from multiple providers. This feature can help coordinate care, improve efficiencies and allow for better decision making among providers.

The CommonWell Health Alliance® is a not-for-profit trade association of health IT companies working together to create universal access to health data nationwide. To find out more, please visit

Engaging your patients

When your hospital system is using the RelayClinical HIE platform, Connect also allows you to actively engage your patients in their care process by making an agency-branded personal health record available to them and their families. The patient record is accessible via the Web with solid and well-tested security, privacy and auditing protections.


McKesson Home Health Connect™ and McKesson Hospice Connect™ help your agency:
  • Improve your positioning with community healthcare partners
  • Allow you to contribute to the MU2 10% TOC incentive with your hospital system
  • Connect patients and their families to their healthcare providers in a more confident and secure manner
  • Support your goal for continuous reductions in medication documentation errors
  • Help reduce resources associated with couriers or faxing of patient data
  • Support patient and provider satisfaction by providing easy-to-access information


McKesson Home Health Connect™ and McKesson Hospice Connect™ include:
HIE Features:
  • Ability to access, share and manage patient medical data from disparate systems in one central repository
  • Secure storage of patient information in a web-based application
  • Privacy and auditing protections that track users who have accessed patient records
  • Patient access through an agency-branded web interface
  • Flexible setup options that accommodate many message workflows
Direct Messaging Features:
  • Ability to exchange and view CCDs when not connected to a health information exchange for home care agencies
  • Simple user interface that reflects familiar email capabilities
  • Internal staff messaging outside of notes functionality within McKesson Homecare
  • The ability to attach any related clinical documents to a message