Automate your Home Care Documentation while Providing Electronic Visit Verification

All home care and hospice visits must be documented carefully, regardless of which discipline performs the visit. Automating your home care documentation process is the most effective way to accomplish this task, while also providing electronic visit verification.

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With McKesson Homecare™ Telephony, field staff of any discipline can use a touch-tone telephone to enter visit information directly into the McKesson Homecare™ (formerly Horizon Homecare™) database. Task codes entered into the system using Telephony are documented as service order and visit notes.

Helps reduce paperwork, home care documentation

McKesson Homecare Telephony connects directly with McKesson Homecare's scheduling functionality, helping to reduce both paperwork and documentation errors by eliminating data entry steps. Each visit begins with your employee placing an arrival call to the system. Once the visit is complete, the employee places a departure call, entering numerical activity codes and vital sign information using the telephone keypad.

Telephony gives field staff the ability to enter non-billable items including supplies, time and travel into the home health software system. Because McKesson Homecare is a completely integrated system, all visits marked as "complete" using Telephony go directly to batch processing for billing in the home health care software. The system's unique text-to-speech capability also gives field staff access to useful patient information-for example directions to the patient's home. The home care documentation system tracks whether or not an employee has retrieved a given message, so you can help ensure staff members have the information they need to perform to the highest clinical and regulatory standards.


The advanced functionality in McKesson Homecare Telephony helps agencies:
  • Move toward a complete EHR
  • Improve compliance by identifying variations from the care plan
  • Increase efficiency through automatic triggers for charge creation and payroll amount
  • Enhance communication with personnel through automated messaging capabilities
  • Achieve electronic visit validation to improve audit and inquiry response


The advanced functionality in McKesson Homecare Telephony includes:
  • Automated home care documentation for staff, including home health aides without a field device
  • Real-time updating of completed care plan items and vital sign information
  • Automated entry of non-patient related items: vacation, in-service, training time
  • Visit reporting to analyze compliance with care plan
  • Staff tracking and late arrival alerts