Home Care Software that Provides Superior Patient Care and Financial Performance for Your Home Health Agency

As care collaboration becomes the cornerstone of quality healthcare, the clinical success of your agency is just as important as its financial success. McKesson Homecare™ (formerly Horizon Homecare™) is a home care software solution that helps you address both of these crucial areas with technology that enables your staff to work more efficiently and accurately through the intelligent automation of documentation and other tasks.

This efficient approach helps reduce training time, improve user satisfaction and ensure that all care is appropriately documented and improve patient outcomes. The system helps encourage collaboration among staff or with other care providers, with the reporting capabilities agencies need to demonstrate their value to partners and potential partners.

Clinical Management

Our patent-pending clinical management system "thinks like a clinician," by naturally guiding the documentation process and incorporating best–practice industry standards into the care planning and care delivery processes.

  • Introduces CareAxis Technology™, a patent-pending methodology that brings best–practice and evidence-based practices to clinicials, by guiding them through the requirements of the day
  • Streamlines the workflow to help reduce errors and omissions while allowing clinicians to complete their work on time
  • Helps improve outcomes by placing best-practice and evidence-based practice guidance at a clinician’s fingertips
  • Helps improve the accuracy and consistency of documentation by intelligently managing the care planning and care delivery processes

Agency Management

McKesson's home health agency management software functionality helps agencies improve office, clinical and financial management by streamlining existing operating standards.

  • Supports the ability of intake staff to efficiently gather the necessary information from your referral partners and quickly assign the initial visit to clinical staff
  • Helps ensure compliance and reduce deficiency citations by providing warnings for visits falling outside of order parameters during visit changes at the point of care, schedule changes done in the office or unscheduled visits.
  • Helps shorten your revenue cycle by streamlining the front-end processes to support our billing and accounts receivable processes.
  • Helps automate day-to-day tasks, resulting in fewer errors, lower labor costs and more efficient business processes.
  • Incorporates structured clinical concept and respect for the technical standards to support meaningful collaboration and communication through health information exchanges (HIEs)
  • Helps expedite payment by providing support for payer diversity and billing rules

Improve Patient Outcomes

Collaboration and intelligence combine to allow your clinicians to efficiently complete the intake and documentation process to begin care sooner, guided by best-practice and evidence-based practices at the bedside.

Enhance Connectivity

Home care software provides greater patient and care information to your team, physicians, and other care partners, helping your team collaborate with other providers, share information and make smarter decisions.

Maximize Reimbursement

With tools that help you simplify compliance and streamline claims, you can keep up with the changing world of reimbursement, reduce claim denials and ensure you receive the maximum payments owed to you.

Manage Costs

Eliminating wasteful home care supply management costs with smarter inventory management, creating new revenue streams through low-cost access to a breadth of specialty products, and streamlining workflow with tracking tools and help give you the power to increase profitability.

Optimize Nursing Time

Spend less time on home care documentation paperwork and more time helping patients using IT solutions to simplify clinical, financial and administrative tasks.

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