McKesson ScanManager℠ is a bar code-based purchasing and inventory management system that automates order entry for medical supplies and personal care products.

The ScanManager system uses a Windows-based Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with an integrated laser bar code scanner. The ScanManager bar code technology helps eliminate manual ordering, which reduces ordering errors—saving you time and money.

The ScanManager system offers supply room organization through bar coding, and the system's portability allows orders to be created where your supplies are stored.

Use the ScanManager system to manage your inventory in three simple steps:
  1. Scan. Simply scan the bar coded shelf labels with the ScanManager PDA.
  2. Send. Place the ScanManager PDA in its cradle to automatically send your order through McKesson SupplyManager℠, McKesson's online ordering system.
  3. Stock. Receive your products ready for restocking.

The portability of the ScanManager system speeds up your count of items on hand, reducing the time needed to conduct your quarterly, semi-annual or annual inventories. The ScanManager technology assigns general ledger (G/L) codes for summary reporting of all medical and office supplies, allowing you to accurately track supply expenses and giving you greater control over your G/L accounting summaries.

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