Operational Efficiency for Providers

As the industry transitions to value-based payment models from reimbursement based on volume, the need for health care providers to identify, execute and realize cost-saving operational efficiencies becomes paramount. McKesson's data-driven business management, pharmacy and supply chain services and solutions gives health care providers the insights they need to identify opportunities to become more efficient without sacrificing the quality of your patient care.

Our comprehensive suite of business management services and solutions offers health care providers the tools they need to unlock hidden cost savings at every step in the health care delivery and financing process. From scheduling or admitting patients to purchasing drugs and supplies to providing care to billing for services, our end-to-end and enterprise-wide services analyze the efficiency of your procedures and processes. With our state-of-the-art information technology solutions, we can assist you in automating and streamlining those workflows and connecting and integrating them throughout your supply chain, whether it's a single care site or a large integrated delivery network.

With McKesson's business and management services and solutions, health care providers can improve operational efficiency and productivity by getting the right tools to optimize all clinical and financial workflows, as well as pharmaceutical and materials purchasing decisions within a system and between a system and all outside stakeholders.