Patient and Clinical Care for Clinics and Labs

Delivering great care to your clinic patients or accurate and timely diagnostic test results to your clinical laboratory's customers is your priority. Our patient and clinical care solutions give you the clinical tools you need to achieve your goals in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.
Continually updated with the latest evidenced-based clinical information, our evidenced-based patient and clinical care applications assist your clinic with assessing patients, accurately diagnosing their medical conditions, developing medically sound treatment plans and coordinating post-visit care with other providers. Our applications help your lab adhere to the latest-available diagnostic testing techniques, including genetic and molecular diagnostic capabilities, and share your results electronically with clinicians at the point of care to facilitate timely medical treatment decisions and interventions.
With McKesson's sophisticated patient and clinical care solutions, your clinic or lab will be able to deliver the most effective diagnostic capabilities and the most accurate and timely diagnostic test results to your patients and customers.