RelayHealth’s RxBenefit Clarity™, in collaboration with CoverMyMeds, gives physicians the power to view medication-specific prescription benefit information in real time at the point of care. This pharmacy benefit inquiry platform lets physicians make appropriate drug selections within the EHR. The system automatically displays a patient's out-of-pocket costs and other benefit information before the prescription is submitted.

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Medication non-adherence adds more than $280 billion in avoidable costs to the U.S. healthcare system each year. Patient out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions is one leading cause. Another is a lack of transparency for plan prescription benefit information during the prescribing process.¹¸² RxBenefit Clarity can help.

Improve medication adherence and save money

With RxBenefit Clarity, physicians view the same information a pharmacist sees when they submit a prescription for benefit coverage verification. RxBenefit Clarity also dramatically improves medication adherence by letting physicians navigate certain information directly within their workflow (before submitting the prescription), including:

  • Communication about patient responsibility for prescription cost
  • Necessary adjustments to out-of-pocket cost information
  • Prescription-fill barriers that may hinder pick up at the pharmacy (e.g. product not covered, prior authorization required, plan limit exceeded)
  • Conversations with patients regarding the importance of adherence to the prescribed medication
  • Electronic submission of prescription prior authorization forms (ePA) within workflow

Benefits for physicians and staff:

  • Higher office productivity (less disruption, fewer callbacks from pharmacy)
  • Accurate, real-time formulary information in EHR prescribing workflow

Benefits for pharmacies:

  • Cleaner prescriptions for improved pharmacy staff productivity
  • Opportunity for higher prescription fill rates and reduced restocks

Benefits for patients:

  • Increased opportunity for awareness of prescription benefit coverage
  • Improved patient medication adherence — which may lead to better health

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²D.P. Goldman. “Pharmacy Benefits and the Use of Drugs by the Chronically Ill,” JAMA, May 2004.