Practice Partner: A Better Way to Practice

The Practice Partner® system’s award winning, fully-integrated electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software helps you do more for your patients with less effort. At work at thousands of practices nationwide, the Practice Partner system from McKesson helps practices of all sizes and specialties improve their quality of care and their bottom-line productivity.


Improve Productivity

Practice Partner software helps practices realize both increased revenue (through increased patient volume, improved coding and pay-for-performance reimbursement) and reduction in costs (through labor, material savings, improved work flow and chart access).


Advance Quality of Care

Whether it is avoiding an adverse reaction to a medication or helping to prevent or detect a disease in its earliest stages, the Practice Partner system delivers the tools needed to help you improve the quality of care. These tools include patient-specific reminders, evidence-based content at point-of-care, disease-specific flow charts and population-based reports.

Educational Resources and Programs

Leverage Unrivaled Expertise

Practice Partner has an established customer base of more than 25,000 users, an award-winning design and decades of experience to help your practice. McKesson constantly strives to deliver customers the latest in technology with advanced software tools, database platforms, Web technologies and hardware capabilities.


The Choice for Better Health