Lynx Mobile® is a customizable, web-based inventory management system with charge capture and reporting solutions to help maximize inventory and practice efficiency, capture and eliminate drug waste, and provide accurate and optimized reimbursement.


  • Superior Inventory Management – Lynx Mobile strengthens inventory management capabilities with real-time inventory and patient treatment tracking functions which record inventory on hand and determines inventory needs for future treatment, guiding its automated purchasing management functionality.
  • Improved Charge Capture – Lynx Mobile helps you understand what is (and isn’t) being dispensed in clinic to ensure you are capturing all applicable charges. Lynx Mobile captures waste from excess vial dosage, procedure codes for reimbursement and helps pinpoint inventory variance for reconciliation.
  • Advanced System Connectivity – Lynx Mobile connects directly with iKnowMed Generation 2 Electronic Health Record (EHR), bringing Physician Orders directly into the inventory and dispense processes in Lynx Mobile. We connect transactional demographic, billing and treatment information with more than 40 practice management and leading EHR systems, as well as with Lynx TotalView.