Reimbursement Reporting

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TotalView℠ Generation 2

Gain insight into practice claims and streamline remittance data

TotalView Generation 2 gives you the tools to ensure accurate reimbursement and run a more efficient practice. TotalView Generation 2 complements iKnowMed Generation 2 Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Lynx Mobile technology and was developed to help optimize reimbursement and billing procedures, saving you both time and money.

You can have a greater understanding of your practice's claims and remittance data, a clearer picture of your practice's reimbursement trends and a better chance at identifying any missed revenue opportunities such as drug charges or procedures that may not have been adequately reimbursed.

Reimbursement Reporting
Reporting Highlights:
  • Denial Reports – Quickly identify and rework denied claims
  • Contract Variance Reports – Pinpoint inconsistent payments versus contracted rates with payers
  • Non-crossover Reports – Easily determine claims needing submission to secondary payers
  • Advanced Benchmarking Reports – Customizable benchmarking trend reports enable practices to gain in-depth understanding of financial performance and practice productivity
  • PQRS Reports – Monitor compliance with CMS's PQRS program to avoid penalties