Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle Management for Providers

The health care reimbursement process is growing more complex as the industry transitions to value-based reimbursement, experiments with new care delivery models and reapportions the financial responsibility for care among various stakeholders. Getting paid fairly, accurately and quickly for the care your provider organization delivers is growing more complex. Our complete and comprehensive suite of reimbursement and revenue cycle management solutions makes that process more efficient and effective, helping you meet your revenue and cash-flow goals.
McKesson's reimbursement and revenue cycle management solutions start with improving your provider organization's access management functions. By connecting with your payers, we help you determine patients' insurance status, benefits levels, financial assistance eligibility, potential secondary payers, medical necessity and utilization management rules and prior authorization requirements. We also help you make your prices for services transparent to patients upfront and then assess patients' ability and willingness to pay their out-of-pocket share of their medical expenses. Our billing and collections tools enable you to accept pre-payments and point-of-service payments as well as submit claims electronically to payers after services are rendered. Our charge-capture, coding and compliance expertise ensures the submission of clean claims for all reimbursable services, resulting in fewer rejections, denials and appeals. Our revenue-cycle analytics package that generates real-time revenue-cycle performance metrics that let you track accounts receivable and immediately address problem areas that could negatively affect your provider organization's cash flow. All of our reimbursement and revenue-cycle management solutions are flexible, scalable and customizable, allowing your provider organization to successfully juggle payer contracts that are growing in number and diversity.
Let our solutions improve the financial performance of your provider organization by improving the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of your reimbursement and revenue-cycle management functions, leaving you more time to care for patients and less time chasing down bills.