Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle Management for Clinics and Labs

Your clinic and clinical laboratory depends on a predictable and sustainable cash flow to provide the optimum level of services to your patients and customers. McKesson's custom suite of reimbursement and revenue-cycle management tools for clinics and labs maximize revenue opportunities and facilitate a steady revenue stream for your patient-care operations.
Optimizing your revenue starts with robust clinical documentation and exacting coding processes that qualify and quantify all the reimbursable services for which your clinic or lab is entitled. Through complete and timely charge capture and accession log number tracking, our reimbursement and revenue-cycle management solutions ensure that your claims are submitted on time and no reimbursable services are missed. Our customized revenue-cycle performance tracking system gives your clinic or lab on-demand access to important financial KPIs like days to payments, denial rate and days in accounts receivable.
Your clinic or lab capitalizes on the latest medical and technological advances to improve your diagnostic capabilities. Our flexible and scalable reimbursement and revenue-cycle management tools keep pace and help deliver the optimum cash flow to sustain and grow your operations.