Claims management is a critical component of timely cash flow and efficient revenue cycle operations. Yet this complex process often lacks adequate visibility and can be labor intensive. These challenges can lead to payment delays, denials and rework resulting in productivity loss and revenue leakage.

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The days of traditional claims and remittance management are numbered. A new era of increased proactivity and automation is close at hand. In this age of big data and analytics, there is ample opportunity to better utilize the rich data repositories built by daily healthcare financial transactions.

RelayAssurance Plus is an analytics-driven claims and remittance management solution designed to help reduce payment obstacles and optimize staff productivity with intuitive, exception-based workflows. The cloud-based system helps automate repetitive and labor-intensive tasks enabling more focus on revenue-producing functions and helps reduce the dependence on and cost of IT involvement. With customizable workflows, comprehensive editing, integrated Medicare claims management and denial management and advanced analytics modules, RelayAssurance Plus provides hospitals, physician practices and other ancillary providers the capabilities to accelerate cash flow, improve resource utilization, and reduce costs.

Visibility and Automation Drive Greater Staff Utilization

Automation and predictive intelligence in RelayAssurance Plus help enable staff to focus only on claims needing attention. Leveraging RelayHealth’s advanced data analytics and payer connectivity, RelayAssurance Plus provides increased visibility into where claims are in the life cycle and guidance in proactive claim follow up. Other workflow automation within the solution can facilitate claim error identification, automated secondary claim generation, work assignments, remittance processing and more.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive and easy to navigate, RelayAssurance Plus improves productivity by minimizing training needs. Claim errors are clearly indicated in red and in many cases, the error can be fixed with one click.

Cloud-based Technology

RelayAssurance Plus employs cloud-based technology for reduced support needs and enhanced flexibility. It reduces hardware and support requirements and permits access by users from any personal computer through the use of digital certificate technology. RelayAssurance Plus is fully HIPAA compliant and is ICD-10 ready. End-to-end testing is available for customers to help ensure readiness and to increase confidence during the transition.

  • Guidance for just-in-time claim follow up
  • Early intelligence into problem claims
  • Comprehensive edit package
  • Automation of routine, labor-intensive tasks