RelayAnalytics Acuity is a robust business intelligence solution that helps increase visibility across the revenue cycle by providing instant data access for analysis of financial and operational performance. The solution provides meaningful and actionable information within minutes that is beneficial for guidance in strategic revenue cycle process improvement initiatives.

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RelayAnalytics Acuity provides a robust business intelligence solution that delivers actionable analytics beneficial for guidance in strategic revenue cycle initiatives. RelayAnalytics Acuity adds strategic value to RelayAssurance™ Plus (ePREMIS®) and RelayClearance™ Plus (RevRunner®) by providing the ability to analyze historical data trends within and across facilities and drill-down to identify root causes of issues and drive corrective action. It provides instant access to data allowing analysis of financial performance and operational results in minutes without burdening or waiting for IT resources.

To help better connect your data to your organization’s priorities, Relay Analytics Acuity recently introduced Advisor – an interactive system of prescriptive report kits designed to quickly and easily direct you to the reports that best map to key challenges. Within each kit is a series of questions that drill into areas of concern, including factoids to provide a preview of pivotal data elements contained in specific reports. With a simple click, you can expand on a question to identify the reports that will enable you understand the business value, as well as to run and view full reports in the application.

RelayAnalytics Acuity provides quantitative insight and visibility into the following revenue cycle business areas:

  • Patient Access – Gain actionable visibility into eligibility and registration processes to support root cause analysis and drive corrective action that can positively impact downstream results and cash flow
  • Services Rendered (Charge Monitoring) – Ensure your daily processes that generate charges are proceeding as expected, and cash flow is not negatively impacted
  • Services Rendered (Clinical Services) – Stay on top of clinical services provided and the respective gross charges generated
  • Billing Efficiencies – Analyze workflow efficiencies and inefficiencies so improvements can be identified in the billing process
  • Reimbursements – Continuously monitor how daily payment processes are affecting overall reimbursement
  • Denial Analysis – Gain insight into trends and root causes of denials as well as payer performance and dollar impact to your organization
  • Payer Relations – Compare how payers are performing in different areas of the revenue cycle and impacting your results
Near Real-time Access to Crucial Information

RelayAnalytics Acuity provides near real-time access to key revenue cycle data, and frequent updates of your data are done throughout the day so information is consistently up-to-date. A customizable KPI dashboard allows you to immediately see information that is most meaningful to your role.

Flexible Tools for Customized Reporting

RelayAnalytics Acuity provides a library of over 80 pre-packaged reports designed to analyze key revenue cycle data that aligns specifically with your business processes. Each report can also be easily customized to access specialized data that you can then drill down on for further detail. The tool also guides you to other relevant reports to help you fully leverage information that may help your team enhance performance and outcomes.

Generate Reports Within and Across Facilities

RelayAnalytics Acuity provides access to historical data within and across facilities. Organization-wide reports can be generated without manually compiling data from multiple sources.


  • Analyze data from across your revenue cycle
  • Standardizes your data with organization-wide reports
  • Library of customizable reports align with your business processes
  • Automatically generate reports on your timetable
  • At-a-glance visibility into performance