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Webinars & Resources


McKesson in the News

Counting the Vote, Operation Warp Speed, Ken Burns

CBS 60 Minutes | November 8, 2020

60 Minutes covers the planning and distribution of a future COVID-19 vaccine including McKesson's role in the process.

What’s Ahead? Pharmacy Technology Will Drive Patient Care

Pharmacy Times | November 6, 2020

Scott Kemme, SVP, Pharmaceutical Technology & Innovation, McKesson details what pharmacies are facing in these challenging times and how pharmacies across all care settings are stepping up to keep patients healthy.

Where Do We Go From Here? The Industry Weighs In

Drug Store News | October 15, 2020

Drug Store News consulted a number of key industry executives, including Senior Vice President and COO at McKesson Gene Cavacini, to get their feedback on the state of the industry and discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supply Chain Workers Play Essential Role in Coronavirus Response

Transport Topics | September 29, 2020

Ammie McAsey, senior vice president of distribution operations at McKesson, shares insights on how the company integrated additional automation in its distribution centers to supplement the human workforce during COVID-19.

Trump Administration Picks McKesson for Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution

New York Times | August 14, 2020

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that McKesson Corp would be the central distributor for future coronavirus vaccines.

COVID-19 and Supply Constraints: Adapting to Meet New Challenges

Becker's Hospital Review | August 3, 2020

As medical professionals grapple with the acute impact of the novel coronavirus in their communities, distributors face a formidable challenge of their own — delivering vital COVID-19 supplies amid unprecedented demand and unpredictable supply chain dynamics.

Cancer Care in the COVID-19 World: Adjusting to a New Reality

The Cancer Letter | July 31, 2020

Dr. Marcus Neubauer of the US Oncology Network shares insights on providing cancer care during COVID-19.

New U.S. Health Crisis Looms As Patients Without Covid-19 Delay Care

Reuters | July 13, 2020

US Oncology's Dr. Debra Pratt discusses the future of a healthcare crisis if patients continue to skip their cancer screenings during Covid-19.

Oncologist Encourages Everyone to Visit Their Doctor

KCBS Radio | July 9, 2020

While we've been social distancing, we have also been medical distancing. This has caused many to go undiagnosed and untreated for other illnesses. Dr. Michael Seiden shares why people need to stop medical distancing.

Ad Campaign Says Don’t Let Covid-19 Fear Delay Doctor Visits

Wall Street Journal | July 7, 2020

Several large health-care organizations are partnering on an advertising campaign to encourage people to return to their medical providers as the pandemic continues, a sign of how difficult it has been to allay fears of catching the coronavirus during visits to a doctor or pharmacy.

Insights on McKesson's Network of Franchised Pharmacies

Chain Drug Review | June 22, 2020

Health Mart president Nimesh Jhaveri and franchisee Ghada Zuhair Abu Kuwaik, owner and chief pharmacist at CureMed Pharmacy in Clifton, N.J., discuss the network’s response to COVID-19 and the future role of community pharmacy.

The Wholesaler and the Health System: A Powerful COVID-19 Partnership

Pharmacy Practice News | June 17, 2020

University of Chicago Medicine and McKesson share how they worked closely together to avoid delays in getting life-saving equipment to COVID-19 hotspots.

AstraZeneca’s Calquence Showed Improvement In Small Group Of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Forbes | June 15, 2020

In a groundbreaking new manuscript, physician researchers within The US Oncology Network have helped to uncover promising treatment for COVID-19 – the cancer drug acalabrutinib.