Giving Comfort

A nonprofit cancer support program of the McKesson Foundation. We work with cancer nonprofit organizations to provide cancer care packages for patients.

Providing Hope and Support through Cancer Care Packages

Each year, more than 1.8 million people across the U.S. and Canada are diagnosed with cancer. None of these people should face cancer alone. During treatment, cancer patients need comfort and support to help them through their treatment and encourage them to keep fighting. Giving Comfort is a program of the McKesson Foundation that works with nonprofits to provide cancer patients with free care packages.

What’s in a Giving Comfort Care Package?

Our cancer care packages contain handcrafted items created by McKesson volunteers. These items include a warm, hand-fringed blanket for cold treatment rooms, a notebook filled with words of encouragement from employees and a handwritten note with a personal message of hope.


I was scared at my first treatment. Thanks to Mark who put together my care package, I was comforted to know that someone else thought of me.

—Donna, Cancer patient | Texas

When Do Employees Create the Care Packages?

McKesson employees and their children volunteer to create our cancer care packages during McKesson’s annual Community Days volunteer event. McKesson is dedicated to better health for our communities, and volunteering for cancer patients is one of the ways we demonstrate that commitment. In 2018 alone, our volunteers created more than 19,000 care packages.

How Do the Packages Reach Patients?

The packages reach patients year-round through our Cancer Care Community Partners. Our Partners include hospital cancer centers, outpatient treatment centers, Veterans Administration facilities, American Cancer Society Hope Lodges, Canadian Cancer Society Lodges and Cancer Support Communities/Gilda’s Clubs. Giving Comfort is fully underwritten by the McKesson Foundation, so there are no costs to Community Partners or patients.

What People Say about Giving Comfort

“We were touched when we opened the care package and saw the thoughtful items inside. Sometimes we feel very alone. But the card to wish us well, made and signed by Carol in Iowa, really was a nice touch. Here we are in Oregon, and someone far away is caring for people like us.”
-A patient and his spouse
Veterans Administration Portland Health Care System
Portland, Oregon

“I can tell you that each and every cancer patient who received a care package was so moved by the experience. I have also noticed the feeling of elation that I have felt when giving a care package to a patient. Our nurses all feel the same. The Giving Comfort program is beneficial to us, the clinical caregivers, too.”
-Angela Heller, LMSW
Outpatient Oncology Social Worker
Columbia University Medical Center
New York, New York

“Not everyone with cancer has someone to provide comfort. It’s great that McKesson encourages us to take time out of the workday to help support cancer patients and make someone’s day a little brighter.”
McKesson volunteer
Alpharetta, Georgia

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Photo of Geovanna Meyer holding up her gifts   Healthcare worker posing with patient
   McKesson employees posing together and holding commemorative t-shirts while volunteering at Community Days in San Francisco