McKesson Onmark Infusion Practice Summit 2020

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Event Highlights

Nearly 60 customers attended the 2020 Onmark Infusion Summit, representing neurology, rheumatology and gastroenterology practices from across the country. Attendees gathered virtually over several months through a series of webinars to share best practices and better understand how McKesson can help their specialty practice thrive in the community-based care setting. Engaging, interactive breakout sessions provided a platform where attendees learned from each other to develop best practices.

Key Sessions

Check out the highlights below or download presentation materials here.

The Payer Landscape

From white and brown bagging, to home infusion, vertical integration and beyond, the payer landscape is constantly changing. During this session, we discussed the top current payer trends impacting specialty practices, including step therapy restrictions, prior authorization requirements, national payer policy changes, and white/brown/clear bagging. Jane Clayton, Regional Director, Managed Care, offered strategies and advice for contracting and renegotiating with payers, along with an overview of the support that McKesson provides specialty providers.

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Revenue Cycle Management

From prior authorization and billing and coding to denials and reimbursement, mastering revenue cycle management can be an adventure. During this two-part webinar session, McKesson experts shared best practices around billing and coding, prior authorization, and documentation, and helped attendees create action plans to mitigate denials and increase reimbursement. Key strategies include supportive leadership, a culture of accountability and action, oversight and data tracking, and formalized coordination with clinical staff.

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Onmark GPO

The Onmark GPO is comprised of more than 600 active members representing $7 billion in annual drug spend, resulting in more than $1 billion in annual savings for members. The GPO team shared innovative approaches to contract negotiations on new and existing therapies, their strategy for navigating drug pricing challenges and the arrival of biosimilars.

Public Policy Update

Ben Jones, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy, kicked off his session with insights into how the change in the administration might look in the first 100 days. The Biden administration plans to spend an aggressive first 100 days addressing the COVID-19 pandemic with a new stimulus bill, a nation-wide testing strategy and distribution management, among other priorities such as climate change and healthcare reform. This session also largely focused on the Most Favored Nation (MFN) policy and litigation in place to provide an injunction and invalidation of MFN.

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