2018 Onmark Rheumatology Summit Highlights

Attendees heard the latest industry developments, discovered new ways to enhance patient care, and gained actionable tools they could apply in their practices.

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The Onmark Rheumatology Summit offered three days of fun, networking, and learning. The event brought together community rheumatology providers and experts in practice management.

2018 Summit at a Glance

  • 94% of attendees rated the content valuable or extremely valuable
  • 80% are likely to change process behaviors based on what they learned at the meeting
  • 78% would attend the Onmark Rheumatology Summit again

Key Highlights

Take a Tip from Our Geniuses

Attendees learned best practices from peers and spoke to our experts at the Genius Bar about solutions for improving the productivity of their practice. Here is more information on how we can help:

All GPOS Have Contracts, The Onmark GPO Delivers

The Onmark GPO team led an interactive discussion on how we approach contract negotiations and new and existing therapies. They revealed how they deliver results by focusing on new investments and leveraging community practice engagement to provide the best possible pricing on drug purchases.

“Our #1 one driver of success is our engagement with our members,” said Luke Rubie, vice president of GPO Services for McKesson Specialty Health. “It’s absolutely critical that we’re aligned and collaborating for a healthier future.”

Getting Involved Makes a Difference

“Half of the members in Congress have been there six years or less. To influence change that will allow you to succeed you need to continue to engage with your political leaders. If you get together, you can influence change and turn the corner,” said Congressman Pete Sessions. (R-TX).

Rep Sessions was joined on the stage by Brian Nyquist from the National Infusion Center Association (NICA) and Katie Jones, director of Federal Government Relations for McKesson Specialty Health.

Nothing Can Stop a Great Idea

Attendees participated in a bit of friendly competition at the Rheumatology Summit Innovation Tournament. This fun and interactive brainstorming activity leveraged the collective knowledge of each team to generate ideas that could help improve rheumatology for patients and practices.

Thanks to the innovative ideas and engaging participation, McKesson will donate $3,200 to the National Infusion Center Association (NICA).

What People Are Saying about Rheumatology Summit…

“I received some great ideas from other practice managers and have much to share with my office upon my return.”

“As an IntraFusion IV suite, I was excited to see what McKesson brings to other IV suites and what will be coming to us within the next 6 months.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. McKesson did a great job presenting GPO information, services McKesson offers and availability to speak with McKesson representatives. It was also a lot of fun.”

“I thought it was very valuable for peer to peer discussions, they triggered a lot of discussions and insights.”

“The GPO and public policy were the most helpful in making changes to my practice and understanding upcoming changes.”

“[The innovation tournament] was an excellent addition to the program. The ideas presented were all really great ideas.”

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