intraFUSION: In-Office Infusion Management Solutions

Helping physician-owned specialty practices manage office-based drug infusion centers.


    Your Practice Partner for Infusion Management

    Dr. Christopher LaGanke, MD of North Central Neurology Associates discusses how intraFUSION helps him deliver optimal care for his MS patients.

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Founded in 1999, intraFUSION is the leading partner to specialty practices who want to establish and manage a successful office-based, physician-owned drug infusion center.

Our complete medication infusion management solution provides everything a practice needs including financial planning, staffing, capital equipment, space planning, purchasing, inventory management, financial services, billing and operational oversight.

Offering robust drug infusion therapy services to specialty providers across the nation

intraFUSION leads the way in outpatient medication infusion management with a deep focus in Neurology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology and further sub-specialties.

We deliver care to over 50,000 patients annually, offering in-office drug infusion with 20+ core therapies. intraFUSION has a robust national presence operating more than 100 office-based medication infusion centers across the U.S. with the ability to operate in all 50 states. intraFUSION also offers full service clinical trials management for specialty practices and contract research organizations.

As a division of the McKesson Corporation, we have access to unmatched resources that allow us to deliver innovative, industry-first medication infusion management and clinical trials solutions to help you optimize your patient care, gain a significant advantage over your competitors and enhance your business growth.