Case Studies & White Papers

Case Studies

Advanced Data and Analytics Helps Unravel the Many Facets of Oncology (PDF, 1.25 MB)

Biopharma companies support ongoing evidence generation and long-term commercialization needs through a licensed data and advanced analytics model.

Publication of a HEOR Study Supports Immunotherapy Adoption in a Competitive Market (PDF, 441 KB)

A leading biopharma company published a real-world study on the effectiveness an anti-PD-1 immunotherapy to support market share and utilization.

Understanding the "Why" Behind the "What" To Gain Insights and Act on Prescribing Behavior (PDF, 501 KB)

Provider insights and real world data provided a complete and actionable understanding of therapy utilization for a biotech company.

Using Real-World Evidence to Accelerate Drug Approvals for Rare Diseases (PDF, 968 KB)

The first-line therapy indication for metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma (mMCC) was completed using real-world data and insights to gain the first-ever FDA approval for this rare disease.

Using Actionable Insight to Convert Users to New Formulation (PDF, 1 MB)

How a leading biopharma company achieved quarter over quarter increases in utilization of its new drug formulation.

Successful Collaboration Through Unique Product Requirements (PDF, 150 KB)

Learn how a creative financial model enabled access to an evolutionary new oncology therapy.

The Paxman Scalp Cooling Story (PDF, 453 KB)

How a UK-based scalp cooling cap manufacturer partnered with McKesson to gain FDA approval and enter the US market.

White Papers

Overcoming Physician Barriers to Biosimilar Adoption in Clinics (PDF, 228 KB)

Learn how overcoming the clinical, operational and economic barriers to adoption can help your biosimilar succeed.

The Key to Commercializing Revolutionary Gene Therapies and Other Orphan Drugs (PDF, 251 KB)

Learn how high-touch services that enhance patient outcomes help commercializing gene therapies and orphan drugs.

Tapping Electronic Health Records to Improve Patient Outcomes (PDF, 1.34 KB)

Learn about the benefits and applications of real-world evidence in supporting therapeutic innovation.

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