Oncology Market Intelligence

Our unique oncology data assets allow drug manufacturers to gain deep, real-time clinical and reimbursement insights, design effective strategies and take timely and targeted actions.

This is a solution from Ontada, our new oncology technology and insights business. Learn more at ontada.com.

Through our robust data assets, which draw from our customer base of over 3,000 oncology providers that treat over 1.5 million patients annually, we offer descriptive information to drug manufacturers and help them answer the questions that truly drive their strategies by assessing product potential, monitoring or understanding cancer care treatment and reimbursement patterns, segmenting the market and/or accessing targeting tools.


Our Oncology Market Intelligence offerings include:

Market Quantification provides accurate information on the number of cancer patients diagnosed with a specific condition or using a specific therapy at the practice, ZIP code or state level. Once drug manufacturers have a precise view on the number of patients with a specific diagnosis they will be well equipped to develop accurate projections for therapies.

Product Utilization Patterns help drug manufacturers look at therapy utilization by diagnosis at the practice, ZIP code or state level, obtain detailed patterns of utilization by line and length of therapy, assess competitive market share and determine time-to-payment and claim denials.

Physician Segmentation & Targeting allows drug manufacturers to segment oncology physicians based on therapy utilization and key reasons for adopting therapy. Additionally, they provide electronic notifications around clinical diagnosis with a tumor type specific to the indication at the practice level. These products equip drug manufacturers with actionable information to provide timely and targeted education assistance to the practices they serve.

Real World Evidence and Health Outcomes with the depth and breadth of our iKnowMed oncology EHR data. We are well positioned to support our clients in generating real world evidence through structured and unstructured data fields. Through our strong relationship with the providers generating data, we are also able to develop high quality real world evidence that can be leveraged with payers as well as the FDA.

Market Connect

Our cloud-based integrated Intelligence Services Platform allows drug manufacturers to access deep oncology market intelligence, on-demand, to help address complex problems and strengthen crucial market strategy decisions.

Benefits of Market Connect include:
  • On-demand data analytics with visualizations that allow manufacturers to collaborate and make actionable decisions
  • Deep and broad clinical and reimbursement information which seamlessly integrates data from our technology assets, such as iKnowMed Oncology EHR
  • Valuable insight from oncology providers and healthcare experts with deep oncology knowledge that help address intricate problems and formulate solutions to drive results

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