ClinicalAlertsPlus for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: Patient Vaccine Messaging Program

Delivering vaccine reminder messages for eligible patients to pharmacists in pharmacy workflow at the point-of dispense.


As retail pharmacists continue to gain provider status across the U.S. they are increasingly delivering a wider range of clinical services in the pharmacy. Your pharmaceutical brand can benefit from this trend and the trusted relationship between a patient and their pharmacist to expand vaccination accessibility to more patients. When an eligible patient presents at a pharmacy to pick up their prescription, pharmacists are notified of the vaccination opportunity at the point-of-dispense when filling the prescription.

Access patients through targeted pharmacy alerts

Our ClinicalAlertsPlus™ program automatically identifies opportunities to counsel and engage patients for additional clinical services including vaccinations—within the pharmacist’s workflow, allowing your pharmaceutical brand to reach eligible at-risk patients.

The program leverages participating prescription history data, medical benefits and other pre-defined criteria to identify when an incoming patient may be eligible for counseling, vaccines and other services. The pharmacist receives an in-workflow alert in their pharmacy practice management system and can counsel the patient to receive the vaccination while in the pharmacy.

Benefits for your pharmaceutical brand:

  • Access eligible qualified patients for vaccination and other medical services
  • Reach new potential patients in pharmacy workflow at the point of dispense
  • Opportunity to extend your brand’s reach across more patients and pharmacies nationwide
  • Detailed analytics allow your brand to determine program’s performance


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