Specialty Provider Outreach for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

We offer pharmaceutical manufacturers a full spectrum of innovative solutions adapted to today’s health care environment to engage with specialty providers when and where they are most receptive.

This is a solution from Ontada, our new oncology technology and insights business. Learn more at ontada.com.


    Value of Clinical Education Programs

    General oncologists may not focus on all cancers. Once a patient has been diagnosed in an EHR, our clinical education program can match a general oncologist with a specialist in these types of cancer patients, providing consultation on treatment.

At McKesson, we not only understand the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers, we understand specialty providers' preferences when it comes to industry interactions.


Provide high-quality education programs

With over 400 in-practice programs, podium presentations and webcasts reaching over 7,000 attendees per year, we are the trusted source for educational programs serving specialty providers affiliated with McKesson. We provide broad-based or customized education to targeted audiences focused on brand and various other topics.

In addition, through innovative and targeted programs such as eLearn Now and Expert-Connect, your educational content can be provided accurately to the right specialty providers, at the time they most likely need it. The right content, to the right provider, at the right time; how does that sound?

Keep brand top-of-mind

Through our broad and targeted communications vehicles, we can help increase brand visibility and keep pharmaceutical manufacturer's product top-of-mind in a cost-effective way, including:

  • Online Advertising: Leverage McKesson for brand promotion
  • Email Campaigns: Communicate brand messages to providers via email
  • Box Fulfillment Collateral Delivery: Send print collateral to each office via a box stuffer, shipped from a McKesson distribution center
  • Microsite/Product Page: Educate specialty providers by linking informational product pages and/or microsites from the Industry Connect section of The Oncology Portal

Gain valuable insights from key opinion leaders and clinicians

We offer qualitative and quantitative insights to help pharmaceutical manufacturers make more informed decisions, including:

  • Advisory Panels: Engage with all specialty practice employees, from physicians to administrators, by conducting live advisory meetings or online digital discussions to gain valuable feedback.
  • Targeted Surveys & Market Research: Design and execute surveys and research projects to obtain valuable information. Whether they are live, digital, qualitative or quantitative, we can assist with gaining the right insight.
  • The Oncology Portal: Gain direct access to clinical discussions via The Oncology Portal through a site license or turnkey analysis using Sentiment Report.

Expand brand awareness through our Inside Sales program

Our sales and marketing services can help you extend the reach of your brands in targeted markets, with greater speed and efficiency, including:

  • Quota-driven, direct-to-physician product detailing activities
  • Promotional campaigns
  • General awareness educational programs with targeted practices and providers

Our provider engagement programs are supported by our established businesses, including:

  • Market Focus provides an opportunity to expand brand reach with thousands of specialty providers through a variety of customized educational and promotional solutions.
  • The Oncology Portal is used by 1,600 specialty physician users and provides a robust platform for interdisciplinary clinical interactions among peers around an array of topics.
  • Oncology University provides the training, tools and knowledge your team needs to engage with community oncologists more effectively.

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  • Market Focus

    Market Focus provides an opportunity to expand brand reach to a highly targeted audience through a variety of customized educational and promotional solutions.

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