Break Down Access Barriers Between Your Therapy and Patients

ExpressCoverage™, a collaborative solution developed by McKesson and CoverMyMeds, is a technology-service, platform-hub model that revolutionizes patient drug access, delivering the most innovative, real-time solutions available in the marketplace today.

Patients and Our Networks: A Winning Combination

ExpressCoverage™ leverages the deep expertise of McKesson’s hub and CoverMyMeds’ vast provider, pharmacy and payer networks, to touch 80% of prescriptions processed in the U.S. today. Together, we’ve evolved the hub model to provide drug-specific coverage information in real-time and reach and assist an unprecedented number of patients.

Real-Time, Electronic Hub Support: Revolutionizing Drug Access & Adherence

With the integration of CoverMyMeds’ platform into McKesson’s hub, patients’ benefit investigations and prior authorizations (PAs) are processed electronically by participating providers, with manual support provided by hub agents when needed. ExpressCoverage delivers fewer PA fallouts at critical access and adherence points at every step of the patient prescription journey.

Electronic Enrollment Referrals: Greater Support to More Patients With Ease

Reach more patients by enabling enrollment into hub support services through the CoverMyMeds portal, which 700,000 providers already access to submit PAs electronically. Our enrollment referral solution expedites enrollment with e-signatures and other advanced integrations into hub services, bypassing traditional manual intake methods, and enabling overall faster hub processing.

PA Referrals: Greater Patient Support and Less Rx Abandonment With Ease

With the CoverMyMeds provider and pharmacy networks integration, our hub staff can support providers with PAs even if the patient isn’t enrolled in McKesson hub programs. This exclusive integration between CoverMyMeds and the McKesson hub is a comprehensive PA referral solution that supports both enrolled and non-enrolled patient PAs.

Integration of Copay Card and Prior Authorization Technology

Leveraging the integration of CoverMyMeds and McKesson LoyaltyScript™, ExpressCoverage gives McKesson hub staff the ability to support the resolution of denied claims due to PA requirements for patients filling a prescription via a copay card. By starting a PA in CoverMyMeds and supporting the physician’s office through the completion process, McKesson hub staff can help ensure that a patient is able to remain adherent to their prescribed medication without exhausting co-pay benefits prematurely.

With ExpressCoverage, biopharma and life science, companies can benefit from:

  • Real-time insurance verifications, benefit investigations, and prior authorizations
  • Automatic identification of patients who may qualify for financial assistance programs 
  • Increased speed to therapy and improved PA turnaround times
  • Reduced patient abandonment, fewer patient fallout points, and increased time on therapy
  • Increased copay adherence enabled by prior authorization assistance
  • Fewer administrative errors and administrative waste
  • Visibility across the entire patient journey through integrated reporting
  • Actionable data and insights to optimize the prescription workflow
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