Where does transformative innovation in healthcare start? It’s often in the minds of frontline caregivers looking for better ways to serve their patients. So says Mike Marchlik, vice president for quality assurance and regulatory affairs, McKesson. He participated in McKesson’s Better Health Portland event held March 5.

Innovative ideas can’t thrive on their own unless they’re supported by an effective business model and market adoption strategy. That’s why Marchlik says it’s important for budding healthcare innovators to link up with experienced entrepreneurs who can take those innovative ideas to the next level.

Marchlik points to ReelDx, a video- and web-based medical education and training platform, as an example of a successful marriage between physician innovator and experienced entrepreneur. Read a profile of ReelDx and its founder, David Spiro, M.D.

The Better Health Tour

Like politics, all healthcare is local. But what can local businesses do to transform their organizations and the community in an ecosystem as complex as healthcare? The Better Health Tour is an opportunity for local healthcare leaders to engage in candid and meaningful conversations about the future of healthcare in select cities. The conferences in Portland, Boston and the Twin Cities enable an exchange of ideas between local leaders across organizational barriers, industry segments, traditional interests and points of view. The aim is to help broaden perspectives, to challenge and redefine priorities, and to catalyze the development of innovative approaches that will strengthen the local healthcare ecosystem.

That’s why McKesson is presenting the Better Health Tour. It’s not a marketing event or a trade show. We believe that the challenges of healthcare will only be solved by generating practical ideas, innovative approaches and new growth in the healthcare industry at the local level. The events have been designed to identify opportunities that will enable transformative innovation and provide participants with a new framework for thinking about the practical solutions that will lead to better health for both their own organizations and the community.