McKesson’s distribution centers continue to work tirelessly to support frontline healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

In early May, one of McKesson’s distribution centers in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX received a crucial call from American Medical Response urgently needing oxygen tanks for their crew and ambulances who were being deployed to COVID-19 hot spots in New York City and New Jersey.

American Medical Response requested a total of 286 oxygen tanks with 81 tanks needed by the next day. If the quantity and timeline wasn’t challenging enough, the cutoff time for overnight FedEx had already passed. But Team McKesson jumped into action and pulled together a multidepartment crew that immediately took the job to heart and formed a fast-paced assembly line.

In 30 minutes, the team boxed and packaged all 81 tanks and due to McKesson’s strong partnership with FedEx was able to meet the extreme deadline. Then they packaged, prepped, palatized and shrink-wrapped the remaining oxygen tanks for ground delivery by the next week.

“As a large distribution center with 260 employees that ships 4,000 orders and more than 25,000 lines daily, we’ve had our share of challenges over the years,” said Toby Wilson, operations director for McKesson. “I can always count on the team to jump to the task – no matter what. The team’s hardworking and selfless and I’m so thankful for them all.”

McKesson’s quick response and strong distribution network was critical in providing these life-saving supplies to those on the frontline.