As a nation, we have made great strides in the deployment and use of health information technology. With the transition to value based care delivery models, we must ensure that technology is interoperable to enable better care delivery, better health, and greater efficiency of care delivery.

At McKesson, we have led the transition to data liquidity. We have done this as McKesson, through our RelayHealth® Clinical business, which connects and aggregates clinical data to drive better patient engagement, better care through access to a shared record, and greater business efficiency. We have also accomplished this through broader industry efforts, such as the Commonwell Health Alliance™ (Commonwell), which provides a nationwide service enabling patient matching and linking, consent and authorization, and data access built into the health information technology that providers of care use on a daily basis.

We are proud to announce HL7 Launches Joint Argonaut Project to Advance FHIR with our support and sponsorship for the HL7 Argonauts project, which will accelerate the development and use of HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources or FHIR. In our work as service provider for Commonwell, we were early adopters of FHIR. This standard promises better, more flexible and granular access to health data and increased modularity with a modern technology approach, allowing new kinds of interoperability. As real-world examples, imagine a care management app getting the most recent set of patient data and updating clinical quality measures and the plan of care in real time, or using our InterQual® content to provide decision support on setting of care.

Through our support, HL7 will be able to devote the best and brightest, in partnership with us and other health information technology vendors and providers, to speed the transition to this new world.

This is truly a new day of industry led interoperability, and we are proud to be in the vanguard to enable the delivery of better health.

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About the author

Arien Malec is vice president, data platform and acquisition tools, at RelayHealth, a health care information technology business unit of McKesson. He’s also a member of the HIT Standards Committee, a federal advisory committee that advises the National Coordinator on standards, implementation, guidance and certification criteria for health IT.