Innovating in healthcare is perhaps more difficult than innovating in other industries because healthcare historically has been resistant to change as each stakeholder has benefited from maintaining the status quo. But a savvy group of healthcare entrepreneurs is demonstrating that it can be done and done well with even greater benefits accruing to all involved.

Meet Thompson Aderinkomi, founder and CEO of RetraceHealth; Peter Kane, founder of; Robert Narveson, president and CEO of Thrifty White Pharmacy; Amy Nelson, founder and CEO of Accurate Home Care; Rajiv Shah, M.D., founder and CEO of MyMeds; and Troy Simonson, CEO of Twin Cities Orthopedics.

Together, their message is one of creativity, conviction and persistence. 

They demonstrate that successful innovations in healthcare share a common strategy, and that’s to make it easier for all stakeholders to do the right things to improve their health, whether it’s physical or financial. 

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