What can local businesses do to transform their organizations and the community in an ecosystem as complex as healthcare? 

Innovate at a local level by identifying the most urgent customer needs and designing practical solutions that create quality for the community and provide a sustainable business model.

Over the past few months, we visited cities around the U.S. to find and learn from local businesses that have developed innovative approaches to delivering care. 

Here are three companies that are taking fresh approaches to primary care: 

Iora Health has introduced a collaborative care model that involves assigning a dedicated “health coach” to patients. The coach not only visits homes but is always available by phone, text and email. Their vision is to “engage patients in their own care.” The end result is a better experience for patients, lower costs for payers, and better business health for Iora Health’s six clinics. Read more about Iora.

ZoomCare is focused on providing primary care services that are accessible, high-quality and affordable. Now in 24 locations in the greater Portland area — as well as Seattle and Boise, Idaho — ZoomCare makes primary and specialty healthcare accessible through the use of mobile technology. Everything from appointment scheduling to lab results to pricing is available to consumers on a mobile device.  Read more about ZoomCare.

WelVu developed a patient engagement system that relies on videotaped visits with doctors to help patients retain and act on their treatment plans. WelVu makes videotaped encounters available to patients — and other caregivers and family members — on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops. WelVu is gaining attention from primary care physicians because when patients have information they can retain, share and act on, their adherence to medical treatment plans improves, avoiding unnecessary additional care and costs. More about WelVu.

Read more stories about the innovative companies we found.


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